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Why Do You Need Analytical Essay Topics for College Assignments?

An analytical essay is a type of writing an assignment that is written with the aim of examining, analyzing and interpreting certain aspects such as books, events, plays, songs or any other literary works. When you are asked to deliver an analytical writing assignment, this directly means that you will be expected to put across an argument, the point of view, or a claim about the subject you are investigating. However, you should always remember that an analytical paper is not a summary of the theme of the assignment.
When you hear of an analytical writing assignment, what should come to mind is a paper that clearly defines your response/ reaction to a specific, event or activity by critically analyzing it, i.e., you should set out to explain the topic and explain its significance in an attempt to convince the reader of your point of view. Regardless, you still need to start somewhere with your analytical paper. Typically you should begin by understanding the paper requirements to guide you in identifying good analytical essay topics to focus your analysis on.
This type of writing assignment necessitates students to describe and explain a problem, investigate it, make factual arguments based on the analysis paper topic, and finally provide appropriate supporting sources of information. An analysis paper is aimed at helping students develop vital skills such as the ability to think critically and also be able to carry out an impartial analysis of the paper topic.
There are more than a few types of analytical writing assignments that are mostly different from the main point of the analysis. A good example is when you are assigned the task of analyzing an event, film, show, book, challenge, and many others. The overall structure will be somewhat similar. However, there should be significant differences in the context you deliver for each type.

10 Professionally Written Topics for An Analytical Essay

Here is a list of 10 analytical essay example topics that you can select from to write your own analytical paper. They include:
Investigate the main reasons why the youth turn to drug and alcohol abuse
Reasons for the growing popularity of graffiti and street art
Analyze the character traits of Tyrion Lannister from the book A Game of Thrones
Describe the setting of the Harry Potter book series by J. K. Rowling
An analysis of the importance of fostering multicultural family relations
Describe the way social media has influenced child psychological development
Analyze the various reasons why people develop phobias for specific activities and events
Discuss the importance of nature and why it is so therapeutic
Investigate the effects body shaming has on a person’s self-esteem
Analyze how well the Percy Jackson Books have been translated into movies
By now you already know what an analytical writing assignment is, now onto how to start your analytical paper. You should make good use of the analytical essay topics list provided to guide you when developing your own paper topics to analyze. Visit the web page for more details.